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The Islamabad Campus is envisioned to have the faculty of Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, Management Sciences and IT and Computer Sciences. The Faculty of Management Sciences and IT & Computer Sciences

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering deals with development in terms of conceiving, planning, designing, executing, managing, maintaining and rehabilitating infrastructure and building facilities. This is a diversified discipline which deals with all types of human endeavors related to the growth of civilization in the shape of buildings, transportation systems, industry, power systems, water resources, environment and geo sciences. Civil Engineers play a vital role to execute the visualization and routinely face multi-faceted, dynamic challenges on projects in various roles as client, consultant, contractor and related fields.

The Department of civil engineering is providing excellence to its students by improving competencies in novel techniques and methods to fulfill the needs of a sustainable built environment. This diverse platform has been established to provide quality engineering education which will allow its students to acquire the most advanced knowledge. Civil Engineering is a challenging profession which requires knowledge of mathematics, applied sciences and computation skills to solve civil engineering problems. The curriculum is designed to nurture students to latent capabilities. Advanced engineering theoretical constructs and skills are instilled in students by utilizing state of the art lab equipment to learn the engineering profession and utilize it in the development of the society.

    Muhammad Tahir Mukhtar
    Pro Rector
    Muhammad Saad Shaukat
    Assistant Professor
    Syed Ajaz Hussain Shah
    Assistant Professor
    Qazi Tallat Mahmood Siddique
    Assistant Professor