We build your dream

The Islamabad Campus is envisioned to have the faculty of Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, Management Sciences and IT and Computer Sciences.

Students Life

You can look forward to more than just studying at The University of Lahore Islamabad Campus, with extensive facilities and campus life, you will never forget this experience.

Sports Facilities

At the University of Lahore, we firmly believe that a healthy body is a key to a healthy mind. In this regard, the UOL Islamabad Campus has invested in purpose built sports and recreational facilities, which include spaces for table tennis, cricket and football. Sports at the University are managed by a dedicated department of sports.

Library Facilities

The University’s library resources include books,covering all disciplines. A professional librarian is managing the library The University of Lahore Islamabad Campus currently houses four well equipped libraries with cumulatively more than 4000 books catering to a wide range of subjects . In addition the library maintains book bank for use of the students on all subjects. An access to HEC digital library is also available.


The University of Lahore Islamabad Campus is maintaining a fleet of buses, mini buses and vans that provides pick and drop facility to the students and faculty.Transport facility is available for adjacent cities and towns including Islamabad, Wazirabad, Sialkot,Gujranwala and Kharian, as a regular feature. A detailed transport plan along with specified routes can be obtained from the Transport Office of UOL Islamabad Campus.


Islamabad Campus is in the process of construction of hostels for male and female students and soon will be available to prospective students.Separate hostel accommodation will soon be available for both male and female students 500 meters near the Campus. In order to facilitate the students, the following facilities have been provided at both the boys and girls hostels; Mess,Mosque, High speed internet and Wi-Fi, Electricity backup,Hostel Laundry and 24 hours security. Hostel wardens will be responsible for ensuring the availability of all facilities and management in hostels.

IT Facilities

State of the art Information Technology Laboratories at the Islamabad campus are being marinated with top of the line computing systems and high speed internet facility.The University boasts excellent IT facilities with dedicated core i3 PCs on premises. 10 MB/s internet is also available to students in labs as well as wireless service throughout the Campus. All the students at campus receive a dedicated University email address. Student information is stored and accessed via sophisticated University management system(SIS) thus making the UOL a forerunner in modernizing student data management services within Pakistan.

IT Help Desk

IT office has maintained a Portal named IT Support (ITS) to facilitate the faculty and staff across the university. IT help desk also provides Wi-Fi facility to laptops of students and faculty. IT help desk is also responsible for answering queries of students.

The Office of Student's affairs

The Offi­ce of Student Affairs (OSA), A department in Islamabad Campus, serves as a primary source of information and advice about co-curricular opportunities and resources. Staff members assist students in becoming involved in campus life, conduct leadership development programs, provide continuity for organizations from year to year, educate students about University policies, mediate disputes, advise event planners, and help students put classroom learning into practice through the techniques of experiential education. The Offi­ce of Student Affairs is a central provider of resources and experiences designed to supplement students' classroom learning and to contribute signifi­cantly to their personal development. Through our programs, advising resources and services, and various forms of advocacy, OSA support students in their growth as leaders and builders of a strong UOL community.

Following are some of the activities managed under OSA at Islamabad Campus.

  • Sports
  • Club & Societies activities
  • Study tours
  • Seminars & workshops
  • Welcome Functions
  • Annual Dinner
Catering & Cafeteria

The University houses dedicated student center, four floors of self-service cafeteria serving delicious continental cuisine, snacks through kiosks at Defense Rood Campus. Event management, guesthouse dining and hostel dining are also provided by Food and Lodging department. A coffee bar and independent faculty dining area is also present within the facility along with adjunct services such as internet café and bookshops etc. The Raiwind Road Campus, Islamabad Campus, Sargodha Campus and Lahore City Campus also have dedicated University managed cafeteria facilities.

Quality Enhancement Cell

The University of Lahore, Islamabad campus has established the Quality Enhancement Cell in 2014. The objective is to support the Campus in its endeavors to improve the standard of education and research and make it compatible with international requirements. The QEC is responsible to promote higher standards of education and research in the Islamabad campus and is required to promote public condence in the quality and standard of the degrees awarded by the university. For this purpose the QEC develops the Quality Assurance Process and Evaluation Methods including Self Assessment Program.

First Aid

The University of Lahore Islamabad Campus provides on campus First Aid facilities to its students to tackle any accident or mishap.