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The Islamabad Campus is envisioned to have the faculty of Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, Management Sciences and IT and Computer Sciences.

Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)

Contact: 051-4486422, Ext 133, 130


HEC Proforma 1 - 10
NBEAC Manual
PEC OBA-Manual 2014
Proforma A-1
Proforma A-2
Proforma A-3
Program Team Registration form
Revised IPE Manual
Self Assessment Manual
SelfEval UoL
UOL SAR Template

Feedback Forms:
Alumni Feedback Form
Employer Feedback Form
Exit Survey of Graduating Student
Internship Feedback Report Form
Teacher Evaluation Form
Course Evaluation Form


The University of Lahore-Islamabad Campus is the sub campus of The University of Lahore. As per the HEC requirement the QEC department has been established in Islamabad campus. The objective of the QEC department is to work under the guidance of HEC as well as comply with the requirements of respective councils. QEC provides necessary support to various departments to meet accreditation requirements. The main focus of QEC is to maintain and enhance the quality of teaching and research culture at the Campus.


  • Follow-ups with departments and shortlist proposals for seminars and other events.
  • Check of current curriculum to aligned with HEC, and coordinate with QEC main campus and other departments for course outlines and other related data.
  • Arrange training programs for employees.
  • Prepare and check progress case for course review
  • Coordinate with departments and create agenda for meetings
  • Monitor of Quizzes, exams, Lab work
  • Reviews SARs to make sure appropriate format and notify, if discrepancies identified.
  • Check for the implementation of the correction taken place from the finding of SAR report and other method
  • Coordinate Course completion Report in Course file
  • Coordinates with HEC officials for data sharing as advised by QEC's higher management.
  •  Provide support to Visiting AT (Assessment Team) with appropriate formats which are desirable for data compilation and to Coordinates with AT team to collect their findings and data regarding assessments and surveys scorings.
  • Create and Maintain access for Plagiarism check
  •  Coordinates for reimbursement cases.