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The Islamabad Campus is envisioned to have the faculty of Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, Management Sciences and IT and Computer Sciences.

University Institute of Diet & Nutritional Sciences

The Vision of the School of Diet & Nutritional Sciences (SDNS) offers a diverse range of challenges and opportunities which recognize the requirements of the 21st century. The main aim of the department is to produce manpower in the field of food science and human nutrition which will provide services in health departments, teaching and research, and to promote collaboration between national and international personnel in this specific field. The department's vision is to prepare manpower who will work cooperatively and professionally with other dietitians and nutritionists to develop innovative solutions to complex problems in the field of diet and nutritional sciences. It has also focused to provide a progressive and effective program that integrates theoretical and experiential learning to better prepare students for the challenges of the workplace; By consistent emphasis on experiential learning through laboratory studies, research-based learning, debate and presentations, designed to enhance the student's critical thinking, communication and collaboration, tackling of ill defined problems, development of individual learning objectives and self-evaluation of performance.

    Dr. Abdul Qadar Khan Mohmand
    (Dean Allied Health Science)
    Dr Umer Farooq
    (HOD BDNS)

    Dr. Abdul Qadar Khan
    Professor/Associate Dean
    Umar Farooq
    Muhammad Hammad
    Dr. Muhammad Rizwan Tariq
    Assistant Professor
    Dr. Waseem Safdar
    Assistant Professor
    Assistant Professor
    Ms.Romana Kanwal
    Ms. Madiha Iftikhar
    Ms.Madiha Iftikhar
    Ms.Tahira Perveen