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President Message

A message from the President

In pursuit of excellence, the University developed its original core values at Islamabad Campus. Led by its experienced and competent faculty and supported by latest infrastructure and dedicated staff, at purpose-built Islamabad Campus the higher education is imparted in management, pharmacy, engineering, information technology and computer sciences in a conducive and professional environment. The University is fully committed to further expand this Campus both in its size and educational activities.

At our newly built Campus, which is located in the scenic surroundings of Islamabad, students are provided with a congenial and professionally conducive environment to pursue their educational goals. Students are guided and helped by experienced and dedicated faculty. At the Campus, recreational and sporting facilities are provided to encourage students to organize and engage in extracurricular activities while maintaining a strong focus on learning and research.

I extend my warmest welcome to all students and members of the faculty who join us at Islamabad Campus.

Brig. M. Ajaib
Brig. M. Ajaib