We build your dream

The Islamabad Campus is envisioned to have the faculty of Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, Management Sciences and IT and Computer Sciences.

Our History

University of Lahore

Islamabad Campus which was established in 1998 is the mother campus of the University Lahore (UOL) and is being served by a fully developed infra-structure for Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Pharmacy, Management Sciences and Allied Health Sciences. Both for technical and professional disciplines dedicated and competent faculty delivers the curriculum.

A Message from the Pro Rector,
Dr. Rabeeya Raoof,
Pro Rector Academics, Admission and Examination (AA&E)

We at University of Lahore Islamabad Campus, seek to achieve excellence and brilliance through our pupils’ triumphs. With this in mind, we induct our children with great ambitions to enlighten, guide, and prepare them with the vital theoretical and practical knowledge to excel in the modern technological world.  The UOL progeny is processed through an arduous yet mind stimulating assessments to enable critical thought processing necessary for today's world. With adequate academic knowledge the children are also provided platforms to discover, bloom and polish their concealed potential via healthy curricular and co-curricular activities. In addition to this, UOL believes in self sustainability and pursues to embellish the students with entrepreneurial skills prompted through the professional and academic environment provided by our notable faculty members, devotedly mentoring the student to the best of their interest. We welcome the students, who share our visions of prosperity and hope to propel their aspiration to the heights of success.

A Message from the President
Brig. M. Ajaib

In pursuit of excellence, the University developed its original core values at Islamabad Campus. Led by its experienced and competent faculty and supported by latest infrastructure and dedicated staff, at purpose built Islamabad Campus the higher education is imparted in management, pharmacy, engineering, information technology and computer sciences in a conducive and professional environment. The University is fully committed to further expand this Campus both in its size and educational activities.

At our newly built Campus, which is located in the scenic surroundings of Islamabad, students are provided congenial and professionally conducive environment to pursue their educational goals. Students are guided and helped by experienced and dedicated faculty. At the Campus, recreational and sporting facilities are provided to encourage students to organize and engage in extracurricular activities while maintaining a strong focus on learning and research.

I extend my warmest welcome to all students and members of the faculty who join us at Islamabad Campus.

A Message from the Pro Rector Administration,
Mr. Wajahat Latif

The University of Lahore-Islamabad has always been at the forefront of innovations and played an active part in shaping the modern day higher education. The UOL-ISB Campus is a leading higher education institution with an entrepreneurial ethos that promotes knowledge and technology, and also provides professional career education of an international standard, which is relevant to the needs and aspirations of Pakistani youth. I am positive that for the academic and research pursuits, UOL is the most preferred destination for the best students, teachers, researchers and scholars. Our motto: ‘in search of excellence’, is an invitation to all students to illumine themselves and the whole world with the light of their wisdom and learning.


The University of Lahore (UOL) aspires to become a nationally and internationally recognized university that distinguishes itself as an imbedding center for outstanding ethical and moral values, teaching quality, learning outcomes, and richness of the student experience. The University of Lahore envisions a transformative impact on society through its continual innovation in education, creativity, research, and entrepreneurship.


The University of Lahore represents excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, creativity and engagement. Its mission is to produce professionals outfitted with highest standards in creativity, transfer and application of knowledge dissemination to address issues of our time. The UOL sculpts its graduates to become future leaders in their fields to inspire the next generation and to advance ideas that benefit the world.


The University of Lahore – Islamabad Campus will endeavour to impart quality education, promote R & D pursuits and imbue sound morals among its student to be responsible citizens of the society.