Faculty of Management Sciences

Lahore Business School

The Faculty of Management Sciences, Lahore Business School, has served the students of Business Administration for the last ten years. Our undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees are prevalent among students who wish to develop a professional career.

We aim to develop competent managers and business leaders with creative direction through our programs. LBS is a creative hub of management thinking and an inspirational place to study where students are encouraged and motivated to find and achieve their potential.

We employ a modern and highly creative curriculum to suit the aspirations and strengths of our students’ future employers.

Our specialization portfolio includes a wide range of courses that build specialized skills for industry. Our research degrees are designed to develop inquiry and research skills before students embark upon research in their chosen subject area.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration Honors
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (After 14 Years Education)
  • Master of Business Administration (1.5 Year)
  • Master of Business Administration MBA (2 Years)
  • MS Management Sciences
  • MPhil Management Sciences
  • PhD Management Sciences